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In 1995, Aiko Senosoenoto and Rusdy Rukmarata set up an institution for Indonesian young people with a potential and interest in dancing. They came from villages and cities all over Indonesia, with many of them had some obscure backgrounds.

They have been trained with athletes or soldiers-like strict rules of discipline for years before they became a professional dancer. Some of them have developed themselves as young choreographers whose works have been acknowledged locally and internationally.


  • Dance classes: ballet, jazz, contemporary, movement, traditional dance.
  • Non-dance classes: vocal, acting, and performing arts
  • Regular workshops with instructors from abroad to broaden the horizons of the dancers and improve their dancing standards.
  • Training for Trainer Class: a class with dance maestro from abroad which is intended for EKI dance teachers to improve the pedagogic quality.

Scholarships for choreographers, dancers and prospective dancers.

A form of appreciation for works of art that combines all performances.

Students who want to become professional dancers will have the opportunity to join EKI Dance Company through an audition. The most important thing in producing professional dancers is not in the frequency of the performances, but in the process of learning and creating.

The EKI Foundation cultivates partnerships with various foundations and other organizations that apply dance as a training program as well as physical and psychological development. The South Jakarta Chapter of YPAC– a foundation for children with disabilities was one of the partner that EKI worked together with.

Aiko Senosoenoto is one of mentors in Rumah Mentor Indonesia
Rusdy Rukmarata is a member of Komite Tari - Jakarta Arts Council 2015 – 2018 period

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