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Ikuti Kami

Talent Management

Takako Leen

dancer, actress
Acted as the leading dancer of EKI Dance Company, Takako Leen a.k.a. Tata excels in ballet, contemporary, jazz and tap dance. Learned her Indonesian traditional dances from Elly Rarantha, Andy Bachtiar and Mohammad Supriyatin, her modern dance skills were gained from Rusdy Rukmarata, Rudolf Wowor, Chichi Kadijono and several international guest teachers. She also conducted numerous dance workshops and classes. As an actor, she starred in a TV series "Arisan!" directed by Nia Dinata and some TV commercials. Tata has danced for different choreographers such as Rusdy Rukmarata, Rudolf Wowor, Farida Oetoyo (Indonesia), Henrietta Horn (Germany), Jurgen Otte (Germany) and Joyce Lim (Malaysia).

Uli Herdinansyah

presenter, actor, master of ceremony, script writer
Starting his career as a radio presenter in Jakarta, Uli Herdinansyah stepped on by hosting various TV programs such as Paranoia (O Channel), Insert (Trans TV), Breakfast Club (Metro TV). He started his scriptwriting talent in Miss Kadaluwarsa, a musical production --where he also starred in-presented by EKI Dance Company in 2007. Kangen and Naga Bonar Jadi Dua was his latest films he was involved in as an actor. Besides, Uli Herdinansyah has given several sessions in Public Speaking in numerous occasions. With his fluent English and French, he hosts numerous corporate events as Master of Ceremony.

Nala Amrytha

actress, singer, dancer
Nala Amrytha started her debut as a rising artist in a musical "Battle of Love" (2004) and a monthly cabaret performance "Kabaret Jo" in Jakarta during 2006. This multi talented girl also starred as supporting actress in several TV series such as "Cookies" and "Kurma" aired by SCTV. Her first portfolio in film commenced when she joined "Perempuan Punya Cerita" (The Chant of Lotus) directed by Nia Dinata in 2007. Later, she played as a main actress in "Liburan Seru", a children musical film to be released in July 2008.

Nanang Hape

Puppeteer, musician, director
This gifted young puppeteer had an obsession that wayang performances is able to inspire and entertain younger people in different places in the world. His musical talent and artistic touch present the stages with wayang ambience he brought into: ranges from classical wayang performances until its numerous explorative version with interesting multimedia supports. Some of his collaborative works such as Mahabarata Jazz (20-cities Indonesia Tour with violinist Luluk Purwanto) and Classical Nuances with pianist Ary Sutedja, Besides, his recent 2008 wayang tour in Greece and participation in international festivals in Vietnam and France has been notable milestones as an artist.

Siswanto 'Kojack' Kodrata

dancer, actor

Joining EKI Dance Company since 1996, Siswanto 'Kojack' Kodrata excels in ballet, contemporary, jazz and tap dance. He learned Indonesian traditional dances from Elly Rarantha and has shaped his modern dance skills from Rusdy Rukmarata, Rudolf Wowor, Chichi Kadijono and several international guest teachers.


dancer, actress

Lilies joined EKI Dance Company since 1996. Excelling in ballet, contemporary, jazz and tap dance, and traditional dance as well. Rusdy Rukmarata, Rudolf Wowor, Chichi Kadijono, Elly Rarantha are some teachers she gained her skills from. She often participated in various dance and theatre workshops from international guest teachers in order to sharpen her dance skills.