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The Dream

Art for the people,
art from the heart

Since our establishment in 1996, we have implemented our company’s credo, which is: no grouping in human relations, equality in life, honesty and open-mindedness. Since 2004 we have committed ourselves to sharpen the spirit to a new phase of implementation with a long term theme: art for the people.

The idea that drives us to run art for the people is actually a simple thought about the social tendency that shows us the gap between people and the arts has widened. We believe there is a lack of appreciation of the arts, and because of time limitations there is also a diminishing opportunity to enjoy the arts. There is proof that, when the arts are ignored, the empty space will be filled with all kinds of social sickness, which is surely not a condition we would entertain for the future.

We believe the inclusion of the arts, and all their various aspects into our daily lives will result in a clearer way of thinking. People will communicate more articulately with others and they will become better human beings with a greater awareness of social problems. In short, the arts should play an important role in people’s lives in order to develop their awareness of their own humanity.

With all these thoughts, art for the people comes with a mission to narrow the gap between the arts and the people by putting in people’s minds the message of the importance of the arts in their lives.